The Perfect Pillow

June 01, 2017

The Perfect Pillow

Some like it thicker, some thinner, some softer, some stiffer. Have you ever complained about your bed pillow? If so, maybe you've never tried a pillow made by Magniflex.

This year, Magniflex adds a new, refined look to its product lines: an elegant silver finish for Superiore, a blue coloration for Magnigel Foam and an earth-toned color for Toscana. Aesthetically pleasing pillows that are also perfect for a good sleep: model Superiore in Outlast, created using Magniflex advanced technologies, combines great breathability from an Outlast cover with a Memoform layer manufactured using the innovative Airyform technique.

Magnigel Foam offers the best support for your head while you journey off to dream land. Magnigel is an innovative material based on a breathable, soft and flexible gel. Lined in viscose, these pillows are hygienic, long lasting and fully washable thanks to their removable cover.

Last but not least, a tribute to our land: the Toscana line follows the path of environmental sustainability with its Geomemory collection, combining the support of Memoform with organic materials sourced from local producers. The natural essences, fibers and organic cotton help balance your biorhythm while you sleep.