50 Years of Quality

Our expertise and dedication to excellence is what makes us a cut above the rest. Magniflex has provided over a billion people with peaceful sleep through products that are unparalleled in quality.

Attention To Detail And The Desire For Perfection

Attention To Detail And The Desire For Perfection

Magniflex is a byword for excellence. The company has always stood out from the rest because its products contain a real added value for consumers: quality. Magniflex uses 100% Italian materials and can count on the expertise of specialist technicians and over 180 employees who work closely with each other, sharing their know-how and passion.

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Over 50 years of history. Over 100 products (a complete range of products including mattresses, bed frames, pillows and sleep accessories). 10,000 mattresses are produced every day. Over 35 million people worldwide sleep on Magniflex mattresses. Magniflex exports its products to 98 countries.

Italian Products Exported To 98 Countries

Italian Products Exported To 98 Countries

Craftsmanship and Italian genius create unique products that are a guarantee of quality worldwide. In the sleep products sector, Magniflex represents Italian manufacturing. Each product expresses passion and dedication, qualities which make our mattresses unique and unrivalled.

The Secret Of Good Sleep Lies In The Heart Of Our Mattresses

The Secret Of Good Sleep Lies In The Heart Of Our Mattresses

Magniflex uses different types of materials that meet different needs and satisfy all types of specific sleep requirements. Each one is crushproof due to the extremely high quality of the raw materials which retain their characteristics over time.


About Magniflex

In the sixties Giuliano Magni created his first mattresses in a small workshop. It was the start of a revolution: the craft skills of Prato, the world capital of fabrics, were combined with new ideas about sleep and well being.

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The experts on giving you quality sleep. Magniflex mattress delivers the most technologically advanced memory foam products combined with the highest quality Italian craftsmanship and design.

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Every ideal mattress is different for every individual, to choose the right one it is important to consider our habits, our body structure and our common preferences. Magniflex offers a wide range of mattress to match the different needs of every individual.

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Magniflex offers craftsmanship that is a cut above the rest. We combine different elements to deliver state of the art products that you’ll love. Choose us and experience exceptional comfort today.

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