Rules of Use

  • Magniflex mattresses may be delivered vacuum-packed in order to ensure easy transportation and maximum hygiene. We recommend carefully removing the external casing, without using cutting tools or sharp edges that might damage the mattress cover.

  • Vacuum-packed mattresses should be opened by and not beyond one month from the date of purchase of the product.

  • After opening the vacuum-packed mattress, the mattress cover may be slightly wrinkled. This is a normal consequence of vacuum-packing which should disappear within the next few hours. The mattress, after being opened, immediately resumes its shape to the extent of 90%-95%. In order for it to resume its shape to the extent of 100%, wait 24 hours from opening the same. The mattress may in any case be used an hour after being opened.

  • Upon opening the mattress, the product may emit an odour due to the nature of the materials of which it consists. This odour will gradually reduce during the days after opening the product, until it disappears completely.

  • We recommend placing the mattress on a good slatted wooden base in order to ensure constant air circulation on the bottom side of the mattress. Slats distribute the structure of the mattress regularly and allow for you to make the most of the support features of the purchased mattress.

    Rules of Use

  • We recommend that you do not use bases without slats (flat surface): bases without slats actually do not allow air to circulate in the mattress, they retain moisture and encourage the formation of mould inside and on the bottom of the mattress. Avoid using the mattress on metal mesh, slatted bases not made from wood or with slats that are too far apart or too wide; where an incorrect base is used, the warranty will not be provided.

    Rules of Use

    For good conservation of the mattress, we recommend protecting it with an appropriate mattress cover, which protects against liquids, stains and moisture stagnation.

    Rules of Use

  • When turning the mattress, never fully leverage on the handles but on the internal structure of the mattress.

  • We advise against using electric blankets, a heat source that can damage the materials of which mattresses consist, particularly in the case of latex, Memory and Gel mattresses.

Rules of Maintenance

Always follow these recommendations in order to limit and avoid:


every month: rotate head/feet *

* Recommended for all mattresses


every 6 months: invert top/bottom*

Recommended for "two-sided" mattresses (both sides can be used)


Every week, air the bedroom with the mattress uncovered so as to allow for the evaporation of moisture and thereby prevent the onset of mould.

For double mattresses used by two people with different body weights, we recommend regularly alternating the sides of the product used for uniform wear of the same.

Washing Instructions

Washing removable covers:

If you have purchased a mattress with a removable cover, you can easily remove the cover and dry clean it or machine wash it at low temperatures (40°C). Do not bleach. Always check the washing instructions set out on the label stitched onto the product.

Washing mattresses without removable covers:

If you have purchased a mattress without a removable cover, or if you do not wish to wash the whole mattress cover, you can wash it as follows:

  • remove the bed linen and any top sheet;
  • use a vacuum cleaner with a brush suitable for removing coarse dust, hair and fluff present on the surface of both sides and around the edges of the mattress. If you do not have a vacuum cleaner, use a soft brush;
  • fill a clean basin with warm water and dissolve a few tablespoons of baking soda;
  • take a neutral (non-coloured) clean cloth and dampen it in the basin (the cloth should be dampened and then wrung out it should not be dripping wet!);
  • rub the damp cloth over the surface and sides of the mattress. If necessary, rub the mattress a second time, once again squeezing the cloth out;
  • these latter steps may be replaced by the use of a steam cleaner;
  • air and dry for some time with the windows open.

Warnings for washing:

  • do not use aggressive products such as bleach, degreasing agents, anti-scale or anti-rust products, etc.
  • dry the damp surface well so as to avoid the formation of mould. Do not dry with direct sources of excessive heat, such as irons or hairdryers.
  • in the case of significant stains, we recommend using the services of a specialist professional to wash the mattress.

Mattress disinfection:

Simple washing in the washing machine or dry cleaning does not ensure the disinfection of the mattress and the removal of dust mites and their droppings. It is calculated that, over 5 years, more than 500 g of mite droppings can nest. The presence of mites is a cause of allergies. We therefore recommend using, at least once a year and particularly in cases of high sensitivity, the services of cleaning companies specialising in the disinfection of mattresses.

Warnings for disinfection:

  • the warranty does not cover damage caused by the use of chemical agents.
  • we recommend that the mattress is professionally disinfected at least once every two years.
  • if you use mite spray it is absolutely essential to air the room during and after application. Ventilate the room for many hours before re-making the bed.

Let's Get Sleepy

The choice of mattress significantly influences the quality of our sleep. Considering we spend one-third of our lives sleeping, it's easy to understand how our mattress can tip the scales to allow us to live better. Thanks to the wide range of Magniflex poducts, it is possible to find the perfect one for you…

The importance of getting a good night's sleep

A series of studies carried out in the United States have revealed that...

Insufficient or poor quality sleep...

Can lead to weight gain.
A lack of sleep alters metabolism; the levels of septin, the hormone that gives a feeling of fullness decrease, while the levels of ghrelin, which gives a feeling of hunger increase.

Harms the brain.
Lack of sleep can cause the brain to interrupt cell regeneration.

Increases the risk of contracting illnesses.
Poor sleep quality prevents cell regeneration and weakens our immune system, increasing the risk of contracting diseases.

Accelerates ageing.
A severe lack of sleep can affect hormone production and accelerate the ageing process.

A good night's sleep...

Helps maintain the body's natural biorhythm and helps us feel better about ourselves.

Regulates vital functions and restores energy.

Regenerates the nervous, muscular and circulatory systems.

Some Good habits to ensure a good night’s sleep

Go to sleep early and at the same time.
Our bodies respond well to consistent bedtimes which helps maintain our natural biorhythms.

Do regular physical exercise
The rest that our body requires is directly proportional to our lifestyle; an excessively sedentary lifestyle does not promote good sleep.

Go outside during the day
Daylight and movement during the day should alternate with darkness and rest at night so that our bodies produce melatonin, a sleep-inducing hormone.

Get used to relaxing exercises.
Meditation, stretching and breathing exercises help us have good dreams

Have a light evening meal.
Some foods are hard to digest and can disturb sleep. Similarly too much food creates a feeling of heaviness and prevents us from sleeping in a prone or supine position.

Have a shower or relaxing bath.
The bed should be a cool and hygienic environment; it is a good habit to go to bed after getting rid of the external pollutants and bacteria from our bodies. Lukewarm water, the use of bath salts and oils, allow our bodies to relax even more.

Have a high protein snack.
If you generally have an early evening meal and go to bed late, a snack is necessary to restore your hormonal balance and to avoid waking up during the night with a feeling of hunger.

Trying a mattress at our Showroom

Firm Medium Anatomical

Firm Orthopaedic support without rigidness or upward pressure on the body.

Orthopaedic support with a softer more responsive feel and slight adaptability to the bodyshape.

The mattress adapts to the bodyshape, providing soft tailored support to the lumbar region and spinal areas.

We hope you find the table a useful tool when deciding upon your mattress and recommend you visit our nearest showroom to feel the support and comfort of a Magniflex mattress first hand.

When you visit us, take your time and don't be shy. You can't judge support and comfort by sitting on an edge or lying down for just a few seconds. Lie on the bed the way that you sleep, and if you sleep with a partner, try shopping with them so you can decide together. Our sales consultants will also be at hand to answer any questions that you have.