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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What happens if I don't turn the mattress every month?

    Turning the mattress head/feet is very helpful for keeping the internal structure of the mattress intact, avoiding dips due to body weight and ensuring constant and correct weight bearing. Not doing so can limit these benefits.

  • What happens if I don't invert top and bottom every 6 months?

    It is important to invert the top and bottom of the mattress in order to allow the underlying surface, which is in contact with the slats for lengthy periods, to air. This not only avoids deformation, but ensures adequate ventilation of the fibres and structure, avoiding the stagnation of moisture and the formation of mould.

  • I only want to use one side of the mattress because it is the soft part/the side I prefer, what can I do?

    For mattresses that can be used on only one side, or for those who want to use only one side, the rule of top/bottom turning should be followed in any case at least for an hour per week, when changing the bed linen. Even if you then use the same side, the bottom side will have been aired and dehumidified.

  • I do not have a slatted base: is my mattress likely to be spoiled quicker?

    Slatted bases, unlike those without slats, ensure greater breathability of the mattress and thus less stagnation of liquids and mould. Buying a slatted base ensures, as well as maintenance, also the functions of support of the mattress. A mattress resting on a base which is not slatted is at risk of deformation and moisture.

  • What happens if I use iron mesh?

    It is strongly advisable to buy a slatted base to benefit from the correct support that it can provide for the mattress. Iron mesh, as well as being deformable, can ruin the cover of the mattress, creating both aesthetic damage and structural and functional problems. Some iron meshes cause rust stains.

  • How often is it necessary to disinfect the mattress?

    It is advisable to disinfect the mattress every year. In hotels in some countries this procedure is a rule that will soon also be incorporated by the European Union. Up to 100 g of mite droppings can be removed from a 1 year old mattress. This obviously depends upon use and the location of the mattress.

  • How can I disinfect the mattress?

    There are two ways: at home or by professionals. We recommend using the professional service at least once every two years, especially if users are sensitive to allergies. Professional methods are safe and effective. The home method is longer and requires attention but it is effective. (For information on washing at home, see the instructions in the WASHING INSTRUCTIONS paragraph).

  • Can I disinfect the mattress with mite spray?

    It can be used, removing the bed linen, on both covers and inside removable covers. During and after using a mite spray, the room must be aired for several hours. If you do not have a window which opens outside, we strongly recommend that you do not use mite spray, in order to avoid intoxication.

  • How can I store a spare mattress?

    When you replace the mattress and intend to store it or if you have a spare mattress, we recommend airing, dehumidifying and, if necessary, disinfecting it before storage. Once it is clean, it can be wrapped in cellophane or in a bag to protect it from dust.

  • How do you remove stains from the mattress?

    For mattresses without removable covers, the success depends upon the stain and in the case of strong stains, we recommend using a professional cleaning service. We advise against using bleach or strong detergents that damage the fabrics. Do not rub incessantly on the fabrics otherwise they will fray. It may be effective to use a damp neutral cloth and a little baking soda dissolved in warm water in a clean plastic basin. Note: it is important not to use lots of water. In any case, the mattress should be left to dehumidify in the open air for as long as it takes to dry. Do not use an iron to dry it. Do not use hairdryers in contact with or too close to the fabrics as this can cause damage. The Company does not cover damage caused by drying or washing.

  • Are there mattress cleaning experts?

    There are specialist cleaning companies that come directly to your home. It takes roughly twenty minutes to clean each mattress. The best systems are dry cleaning without the use of chemical additives; these allow for the bed to be re-made after just 10 minutes. The Company does not cover damage caused by washing.

  • How can I protect it from dust?

    Use a good mattress cover. Ensure that the floor underneath the slatted base is regularly cleaned. Dust the base of the bed every time you clean the house. Use the vacuum cleaner or a special soft brush every week for thicker dust.

  • How can I protect it from liquids?

    With special mattress covers for urine, blood and liquids in general. We recommend choosing covers that are only waxed in the relevant areas but which allow the remaining parts of the mattress to breathe.

  • Does cleaning ruin the mattress?

    The mattress can be severely and permanently damaged if you do not follow the instructions in the maintenance manual. The Company does not cover damage caused by washing.

  • Can I clean the mattress with a vacuum cleaner?

    Vacuum cleaners should be used on low intensity so as not to ruin the fabrics. Vacuuming is a good way of removing dust on the surface. Note: vacuuming is not sufficient for removing mites.

  • Can I wash the surface of the mattress with baking soda?

    Use baking soda with caution. Use a neutral cloth moistened in warm water in which you have dissolved a small dose of baking soda. Move it gently over the fabric. Leave to dry well so as not to encourage the formation of mould. The Company does not cover damage due to drying and washing.

  • Can I clean the mattress with water?

    Moisture is the main cause of mould. We advise against using lots of water. We recommend, where you use water, that you air the mattress for several hours in a dry place. The Company does not cover damage due to drying and washing.

  • How can I dry the mattress?

    Air the mattress on both sides in a dry place for the time necessary for the water to be absorbed. Avoid direct heat sources, such as irons or direct hairdryers at high intensity, so as not to damage the fabrics.

  • Can I protect the mattress with a waxed cover?

    Waxed mattress covers provide good protection but they are only recommended for short periods as they limit the breathability of the mattress. It is more advisable to use waxed mattress covers only in the necessary area. When used, allow the mattress to air on a regular basis.

  • Can I return the mattress to its vacuum packaging?

    Unfortunately this is not possible, as the Company uses specific, highly innovative and specialist machines in its production process in order to vacuum pack the mattress.

  • Can I fold the mattress?

    The mattress can be folded to ease transportation when moving house or for other reasons but, in order to avoid risking damage being caused to its interior, only for a limited period of time, maximum 5-6 hours.

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