Italian Champions

May 28, 2017

Italian Champions

Passion, perseverance, excellence, and relentless pursuit of perfection: Magniflex has been pursuing and supporting these values since 1962, and has now chosen to associate their image with Gianluigi Buffon, the man and the athlete who has been representing Italy across the world for decades. Buffon is the captain of Juventus and the Italian national soccer team, winner of the 2006 World Cup. Buffon is the best goalkeeper in the game, one of the most famous athletes in the world, and has now become the ambassador to a brand that represents Italian excellence in five continents. The competitive and loyal spirit of Buffon perfectly embodies the values of the Tuscan brand. Magniflex is proud of their partnership with this undisputed champion.

"With the help of Gigi Buffon, Magniflex aims to renew and strengthen its love and its passion for sport," says Marco Magni, owner of the company, "football and design are bounded by an adrenaline rush that always makes you think about victory. Together, we have already won."

Buffon is also the icon of a specific role in soccer: the goalkeeper. This particular position is subject to much higher stress, both athletically and emotionally, than other positions; therefore, sleeping on the right mattress is essential. This is one of the messages advertised on television, the Internet, newspapers, and it will also be on display in stores. These two excellent names have joined forces to demonstrate how attention to detail, perfectionism and experience are crucial, both on the playing field and at home, where care for oneself is entrusted to important and safe tools like Magniflex mattresses.

The MagniStretch is one of the most suitable products for sportsmen (goalkeepers in particular), because it can relieve neck and back pain due to its ability to stretch and decompress the spine.

The MagniStretch also helps revitalize the body by improving blood circulation. A well-rested body is the first step towards a great catch. Dual Core mattresses have separate and reversible cores for a personalized comfort for each individual.

In the video commercial, Buffon argues with referees and players, but he doesn't want to argue when he returns home to go to bed. It is an ironic commercial that uniquely combines the role of Buffon as both a goalkeeper and team leader, with the role he plays as a brand ambassador. Buffon is also from Tuscany, like Magniflex, so this partnership carries on the strong relationship between Magniflex and sports. The goalkeeper is the successor to brand testimonials from rugby players Sergio Parisse, Gonzalo Canale and Martin Castrogiovanni. These testimonials build on the company's respect for the world of sports, after its leading role in cycling a long time ago. Some of the photos for the campaign starring Buffon call back to this discipline: the goalkeeper wears a blue shirt, the color of the national soccer team, with a white horizontal band reminiscent of the jerseys worn by the champions from the Italian cycling team in the '70s and '80s. In other shots, Buffon sports an elegant black tuxedo and a pair of gloves while engaging in typical goalkeeper positions, diving and landing on a soft mattress.