New Strategies and New Markets for Magniflex

May 31, 2017

New Strategies and New Markets for Magniflex

The need for proper sleep that offers a superior, refreshing rest is perceived to be of equal importance all across the world, especially in the frenzy of modern times. That is why the excellence attained by Magniflex products is appreciated and sought after everywhere. A tally of this remarkable appreciation in foreign markets, especially in recent years, has come from the international trade fairs in which Magniflex has been taking part. Hence the decision to invest in international strategies and the establishment of a direct presence in a number of new markets.

One of the first countries to respond with a huge interest is undoubtedly the United States. For some years now, Magniflex has had an office in Miami, which is ushering in excellent results and also happens to be the chosen location for the successful launch of the Company's top product, the MagniSmartech.

Alongside the American market, new offices and branches are opening in Bönen, Germany, Madrid and London.

But Magniflex is venturing beyond Europe. The Far East is a market with a growing interest in Made in Italy products, especially when they're not only perceived as a symbol of beauty and elegance, but also as a high performance and technologically innovative mattress. This growing interest fueled the project to open a branch in Hong Kong, to preside over the Chinese market and serve as a benchmark for the Australian market.

These are challenging investments but they are absolutely essential to fully understand the market and its needs, which helps Magniflex respond more efficiently to customer requirements.